Why a site when social media is everywhere?

These days, part of our lives happens online, on social media. But while social media is great at connecting people, it’s generally horrible for sharing thoughts, writings, or content management. Social media seems designed to be transient, to keep you feeding content consumers.

And that is not a bad thing, necessarily. But it does leave a gap, which this site is meant to fill, for me.

This site is meant to be an online repository for things I’ve written that I would like to refer to later. As such, it’s also not dedicated to a single theme. My interests are varied, and so will be the topics of this site. I will blog my thoughts about what goes on in the world. I will write about my forays into the Japanese language. I will write about whatever comes to mind.

Life doesn’t have a fixed, preordained flow, and neither will this website. It starts as one, thing, and will evolve over time into something else. But at least, the content will be there to revisit / link to whenever I need it.