Back in the saddle

Quite a while I used to be a software developer, doing lots of interesting systems programming projects for companies like IMEC, JDS-Uniphase, Alactel Space, … mainly in the C++ language. I focused on kernel level programming, real-time software, inter process communication, things like that.

I switched to an admin job to be close to home and be there for my kids. My career was interesting, but nothing is more important than family. And so I slowly stopped blogging and writing articles. After all, work is what sparked most of the issues / concepts / ideas I wrote about.

Recently however, I was forced to dust off my old skills, during 2 of the most complex software migrations I’ve ever done. I had to debug group policy issues, Windows privileges, DCOM activation, and a bunch of other things. And it rekindled my interest for software development and system design.

Right now I think most of it will center around C# (and maybe C++), Active Directory, Windows Platform level programming, and Powershell. Parts of it will be inspired by things I encounter at work, and parts will be just whatever rabbithole captures my interest.

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